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Summary of Kansas State High School Activities Association Eligibility Requirements

Schools may have stricter rules than those listed below. Contact the principal or coach on any matter of eligibility. A student, to be eligible to participate in interscholastic activities, must be certified by the school principal as meeting all eligibility standards. The complete regulations are published in the official KSHSAA Handbook which is distributed annually and is available at your school principal's office.

You are eligible if:
  1. You are a bona fide undergraduate student in good standing.
  2. Your conduct and standard of sportsmanship are satisfactory and do not bring discredit to yourself or school.
  3. You are not 19 years of age (16, 15 or 14 for junior high or middle school student) on or before September 1 of the school year in which you compete.
  4. You have met the following semester requirements: A student shall not have more than two semesters of possible eligibility in grade seven and two semesters in grade eight. A student shall not have more than eight semesters of possible eligibility in grades nine through twelve, regardless of whether the ninth grade is included in junior high or in a senior high. NOTE: If a student does not participate or is ineligible due to transfer, scholarship, etc., the semester(s) during that period shall be counted toward the total number of semesters possible.
  5. You passed five new subjects (those not previously passed) of unit weight in your last semester of attendance. (If you are a first semester junior or senior high school student, you must have passed five new subjects [those not previously passed] of unit weight in your last semester of attendance.)
  6. You are enrolled and attending five new subjects (those not previously passed) of unit weight.
  7. You have not been in more than four seasons in one sport in a four-year high school, three seasons in a three-year high school or two seasons in a two-year high school.
  8. You do not engage in outside athletic competition in the same sport while you are a member of a school squad. Consult your coach or principal before you participate individually or on a team in any game, training session, or tryout conducted by an outside organization.
  9. You have passed an adequate physical examination by a practicing physician and have the written consent of your parents or legal guardian. (The completed form must be in the hands of your principal prior to your first practice.)
  10. You are regularly enrolled and in attendance not later than Monday of the fourth week of the semester in which you participate.
  11. You are a transfer student and have met the requirements of the Transfer Rule as explained on your Physical Examination form. Contact the principal concerning this regulation.
  12. You are not a member of any fraternity or other organization prohibited by law or by the rules of the KSHSAA.
  13. You have not competed under a false name.
  14. You have not competed for money or merchandise of intrinsic value, and have observed all other provisions of the Amateur and Awards Rules.
  15. You have complied with the Undue Influence Rule, which states: "The enrollment in a school, the transfer from one school to another, or the failure to transfer from one school to another because of undue influence by anyone connected, directly or indirectly (including alumni associations, booster groups and similar organizations) with a member school, shall cause the student to forfeit eligibility for a period not to exceed 365 days. Such conduct shall also jeopardize the school's standing in the Association and shall result in such other actions as the Executive Board deems appropriate."
  16. You have not violated the Anti-Tryout and Private Instruction Rule, which states: "Students are eligible if they have not participated in training sessions or tryouts held by colleges or other outside agencies or organizations in the same sport while a member of a school athletic team."
This is a brief summary of important eligibility requirements. Consult your director, activity director and principal on any questionable items.